Ideas – the workbook

Ideas – the workbook


How to come up with an idea

This workbook helps you figure out exactly what your BIG idea is and how to get it moving. You will be guided through a process of enquiry to help you write your brand story, get visually creative and do good.

Whether you have a working brand already or not, this workbook can help you identify anything that is missing in your current branding or that may be a little weak. It can help you fill the gaps that might be holding you back from being the best that you can be.

Take this home, make a coffee, settle in, and work through it slowly – there are a lot of things to think about to even begin the process from Idea to Story To Visual Brand. Use it as an opportunity for review – can we be better, can we do better, can we communicate better, can we look better …


Come up with an idea:
– a side venture, a new business, an adventure, a fresh start, a dream you’ve always had etc.

Brand yo’ self!

Check in:
– are you still the same?
– has your purpose changed?
– do you need to rewrite your brand story?

Translate your idea into beautiful visual language.

Do some good while you’re at it.

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